5 English teachers in Malta-May 2016

Here is a little feedback of our training session in Malta, at the Executive Training Institute (ETI) in May 2016.

Maltese Knight


Façade in Valetta

View on M’Dina







We chose a course called how to spice up teaching techniques. We were divided into 2 groups of 12 teachers coming from different parts of Europe (Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy).
The classes were dedicated to task-based learning to encourage students to speak or to motivate them. We also focused on the different intelligences to adapt our teaching to the different skills and abilities of our students.
We mostly worked in small groups of 3 or 4 and it was for each one of us the occasion to create links and to exchange on the different education systems. We then had to use Cusinaire Rods to either report about the school systems or to make up stories. It was great fun !

Cusinaire Rods (Sophie Mussard RUN and Camilla Schill SWEDEN)

Cusinaire Rods : telling a story


The teachers who trained us were very nice and tried their best to answer our questions.
The teachers who attended the course were eager to share their experiences. As we had quite a nice contact with Swedish teachers, we began to discuss about making projects on the environment or road safety together. Our collaboration started right after the end of term and we made a try with an E-twinning project about Road Safety.
On top of that, we had some spare time to visit the island and discover its culture and its diversity. We had a very pleasant time there and recommended the training center to other teachers.

Marsaxlokk : fishermen village

Architectural detail (M’dina)


the Dream Team!

The English teachers