How do we change the world ?

In one of the last speeches at the HWWC, Lyne Morissette and Olivier Adam from Cetamada were quite ambitious. They gave us the ways to change the world and make it better for our humpback whales.

First of all education is a key word : it’s important for scientists  to communicate with people, educate children but also adults, specially the specific workers concerned by the whales (fishermen for instance). The language must be accessible to be understood by everyone.

The second point is collaboration : we can change the world together; protect the animals by making links between people, scientific fields, countries… Even those who just want to make money can collaborate because it is worthy to protect whales (you can make money with ecotourism for instance).

Lyne and Olivier think we should be optimistic: we can change the world from learning and expertise which lead us to action. The last point lies in inovation. With art, science, new technologies or whatever, people can act and create new ways to protect our amazing nature.

So let’s do something. Anything !