Journey to Grand Bassin in February 2023


On February 10th and 11th, the European section went on a 10 km hike, to Grand Bassin. The bus came to fetch us around 7.30 am at the High school and we arrived at the beginning of the trail around 9 am. On the next day, everyone left by bus around 10.30 am, and then arrived at the High school around 11 am. We were with Mrs Dardères, Mr Zilber, Mr Annonier, and Jazlen.

In Grand Bassin we played a game, a «murder» party. We had a mission, a way to «kill» our target. To «eliminate» someone we had to complete a task–most of the time–against them. It could range from making them sing, to throwing water at them. When the target was dead, the killer would inherit their victim’s own target and the game would carry on. The winner of that game was the one who killed the largest number of people without being killed. In our case, Eliott was the winner. Most students had fun with that game.
The hike in itself was rather long and hard for some and for others, it was way simpler. However, the majority still enjoyed it. The fact that we stayed in a cottage helped a lot as we could rest before going back up. Still today we tell each other stories about those two days spent together. During the entire weekend we had to speak English only. We played some board games, role playing games, we played cards and chess. We even for some went to swim near the waterfall.
Even though those two days gave us the occasion to get together and to know each other better, we are, obviously, not equal in terms of athletic capacities. For some it was more difficult than for others but we all agreed that this was neither the moment, nor the place to be rude and to judge others. We knew that even if we took more time or struggled during the hike, that was not the most important thing and if we could not finish, we would still be proud of having done a little bit of this hike.
As a conclusion, it was a very interesting experience and most of us would love to do it again.

Article written by Svetlana and Kézia