Future Classroom Laboratory in Brussels

During this training session, I wanted to explore the connected world of ICTs, hoping to find some inspiring tools to integrate in my teaching.

Entering the lab

space dedicated to interacting and exchanging

Place where learners can present their work


What a nice place to learn : it’s colourful, functional and super connected !

Indeed, in this classroom, some areas are dedicated to different activities : programming, presenting, investigating, creating, interacting…

nice and functional furniture


We were very busy as the programme of the session was very dense. Each time we dealt with an application or software, we were asked to do the tasks first as learners and then as teachers. We had great fun doing the various activities. All these apps are very engaging and motivating for students.

having a picture with the Manneken pies was one of our tasks

collaborative work

Here are some examples of the things we did : Scavenger hunt; stopmotion films; missions on QR codes ; augmented reality ; interactive quizzes.

I can’t say I’ve become an expert, but it incited me to use these tools to work with my students in a different way. So, as soon as I could, I made a scavenger hunt (about Australia); interactive quizzes (on Goformative or Nearpod) ; an investigation with QR codes. And the pupils really loved these fun activities.

To conclude, this training was absolutely great and it would be a smart idea to ask the trainer to come over here.