Let’s meet Jasmine!

Jasmine on the beach in Saint Pierre

Jasmine on the beach in Saint Pierre

Jasmine is our English assistant until May 2016, we are going to introduce her.
She’s from Newcastle (in the North of England). She lives in Saint-pierre next to the beach, she prefers the weather in Reunion to England because the weather is better (it’s warmer here and there’s more sunshine !). Last year she lived in Saint-Denis for nine months but she prefers the South.
She is an English teacher and a writer. Her hobbies are snorkelling, yoga, walking in the mountains and dance. She dances swing dance and she listens to music from all around the world, she likes a little bit of everything. If she could travel anywhere she would like to travel everywhere in the world !

If she could change anything in the world she would bring world peace.

Some differences between Reunion Island and England:

In England everybody wears uniform at school contrary to Reunion where students wear what they want.

In England when you meet someone you shake hands, that is different because in Reunion you kiss them on the cheeks.

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