Rules at La Marine Middle School

Pupils have to be punctual. School starts at 7:50. Pupils who arrive late must go to the office to get a tardy slip.

In case of absence, parents have to call the school in the morning. Absence notes are compulsory.

Having your school supplies is a golden rule.

It’s forbidden to run in the classrooms and in the corridors.

Never chew gum in class.

It’s forbidden to use your phone at La Marine School, except with the authorization of the teacher.

It’s mandatory to do your homework on time.

Never drop litter.

You are not allowed to write on the desks or damage the school property.

Students mustn’t have a racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory attitude.

Always respect the pupils and the staff.

Never fight in school.

Always knock at the door before you enter a classroom.

It’s compulsory to go to the toilet during the break, not during classroom hours.

You must wear appropriate clothes.

Always have your sportswear for the PE lessons.

Pupils have to be quiet in the school library. You are not allowed to use the computers to play online games.

Lunches are served in the school canteen. To enter, a lunch card is compulsory.

In the English class, you have to speak English!


Un grand merci à :

Elisa,  Perrine,Sarah, et Jeremy de la classe de 4e2

Adrien,Tony, Noémie, Alexis, Claire et  Lou de la 4e5


Domaine 3 du Socle Commun : La formation de la personne et du citoyen

Matière : Anglais

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