The exhibition presented here is the fruit of the memory work of all the staff of the Lycée hôtelier La Renaissance.
As it is a portrait gallery, it could have been entitled « Hall of Fame », « Temple of Celebrities » or even « Office of Legends ». The choice was finally made for « Kaz Zarboutan », perhaps one of the most beautiful words in the Creole language, as lilting as it is meaningful.

Originating from the French « arc-boutant », the word originally refers to an architectural element that supports and strengthens a building. In other words, a pillar!

The « Zarboutans » profiled in this exhibition are all former students of the hotel school who have gone on to prestigious careers in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Witnesses to the excellence of the training offered by our establishment, they are also models of success whose inspiring trajectory is an example to follow for present and future students of the Lycée hôtelier La Renaissance.