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ERASMUS KA229 ISLAB 2ème mobilité au Portugal !

Semaine a Maia du 5 octobre au 13 octobre 2019

au Portugal des élèves de TSTL1

The ISLAB scientific project consisted of preparing experiments we had to present in front of students of several origins:

Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

In addition to sharing scientific experiments,  we spoke  the universal language, English, and thus, could improve our level in this language.

Moreover, we had the pleasure of sharing about our different countries and cultures.

Arrival day in Portugal

When we arrived in Portugal in Maia , we met our family for this stay, they welcomed us  in their house and then we spent the  afternoon without them.

DAY1: October 7th

Meeting with the students from the other countries and then, we formed to groups called :


We visited the school in groups and did scientific activities until lunchtime.

Then, in the afternoon each country presented its project.

We presented ours that we had been preparing for months.

Then, we went back to our host families and then we went out with our pen pals.

DAY2: October 8th

We visited a food control agency, and did activities in groups where we could do manipulations like looking at bacteria on our phones. Then, the group leader had to summarize the activities.

In the afternoon we visited an aquarium in Porto and later we went to the beach.

DAY3: October 9th

Visit of the University of Porto. We visited the only university where biotechnology is studied. We were dispatched in groups and were able to discover the work of some searchers works until noon. We had lunch at the university’s student restaurant. In the afternoon we visited an amazing museum, the Trade museum, where we could see courtrooms for judgements.

After the museum, we went on a boat trip and  then, visited the city of Porto on foot.

In the evening, we had dinner with our teachers and after that, we took the metro back to our host families.

DAY4: October 10th

We stayed in high school to do scientific manipulations like how to help a fish get out of oil.

We also prepared a video to summarise the week.

At night, a party was organised by the high school. The Portuguese parents brought a lot of specialties from their region. We were able to party with European students of all kinds of nationalities. Finally, we went to a bar with all the students.

DAY5: October 11 th

All the Erasmus students were gathered in an amphitheatre to watch the videos they had prepared the day before. A vote was taken on the smartphones to know what was the best video.

The TEAM SPACIAL won. Finally, medals were awarded to all students and teachers who was invold in the project.

Afterwards, in the afternoon, we spent time with the students.

We went to visit Porto together. To get there we took the tram. Once we arrived in Porto, we visited the streets, some cult places and at the end of the afternoon we all stopped in a square where there was a general view of the city. We took several pictures together to keep some memories.

In the evening we all sat down somewhere to talk, have fun and have a last meal together. Afterwards, we split up to go home.

DAY6: october 12th

We met in front of a hotel to say goodbye to everybody. It was really moving because ome of the other sudents had become real friends.

Finally, we went back to our island after a long journey. We were sad to leave but so happy about the experience.

Students of TSTL 1 (lycée Saint Paul 4) : Vendome Ritchie, Hoarau Pierre, Pavade Lorenzo

Teachers : Miss Pascale Bravo (History-geography, ERAI) ; Mr Dominique Ortole (Mathematics)