Lycée Amiral Pierre Bouvet is a French state-funded High School which provides comprehensive courses mainly focused on the liberal arts, thereby including the humanities (literature, language, foreign languages,  philosophy, the fine arts, and history), the physical and biological sciences as well as  mathematics, and finally  the social and economic sciences. Our students are thus equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools, mindset and skills to succeed in their post-secondary studies.

A second branch of the school offers a range of Technology courses.

At the end of their three-year stay in our institution, our students aim at passing their « Baccalauréat », a diploma which marks the successful conclusion of secondary education. More than 90 percent of our students obtain this diploma every year.

The school also offers post-secondary education to obtain an Advanced Vocational Training Certificate in Industrial Control and Automation systems.
This certificate is called BTS -CIRA in France.

Finally, Lycée Amiral Pierre Bouvet hosts a high-level unit called

 » CPGE / Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles – TSI » in which  carefully selected students take an intensive two-year course to prepare for the entrance exams to France’s top engineering schools.

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Lycée Amiral Pierre Bouvet
76, rue Joseph HUBERT
97 470 Saint-Benoît
Ile de la Réunion

Phone : 262 50 82 00
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