Le Cap de Bonne Esperance

This morning we learnt that Cape Town is on the Atlantic Ocean and during the winter the sea is hot and during the summer the sea is very cold (approximatively 10 degrees ) because of the iceberg which melts in the North so there is cold Water from the North And hot Water from the equator.
And after talking about this we went to Seal Island by boat it was fun we saw a lot of seals swimming and shouting.
For lunchtime we went to a restaurant to eat fish and chips ans this afternoon we went to Cape of good hope where the Indian ocean meets the Atlantic ocean. It was very nice, we had a beautiful view of the sea. When we were taking our group picture, Melissa saw  other people from Réunion  Island. On the road we saw baboons and ostriches.
After that we went to the beach to see the penguins. We saw a lot of penguins eggs and some penguins were shouting , swimming, walking or moulting.

Pothin Antoinette, Brandon Emilie, Roblin Anouk And Riviere Océane, 303-304