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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Day 4 in Perth, Fremantle

Perth trip (27 février 2020) by Héry

  Today, we went to Fremantle to make an excursion. After we met each other in the school, our day really began at 10am. 

In the shipwreck museum

Indeed, we visited the shipwreck museum of Fremantle. The museum is recognized as the foremost maritime archaeology museum in the southern hemisphere.

We saw hundreds of relics from shipwrecks from17th and 18th centuries.

It’s amazing because all these objects reflect an era that marked the beginning of Australia. People came to Australia during the 17th century, and with the museum we discovered their living-style on ships. 

I enjoyed the tour because it reminds me my childhood, when I used to play pirates. For example, we saw a real cannon from a ship and it was really impressive ; a guide told us that it could shot a bullet to 2 miles…

little break between the museum and the rest of Fremantle visit

After the visit, I ate a fish n chips and then we moved with the class to the Fremantle prison. We discovered the prisoners life, the guide even got me into the prisoner’s skin : my name was Heryk and I had to take part in the process of a new prisoner being incarcerate into Fremantle prison. She showed me everything the guards had to do before taking the inmate into the prison.

When Héry became Heryk the inmate

Then we made a tour of the jail : we took a look at the cells and imagined how life was for detainees ; a cell was all painted, a prisoner did that and it looked nice and weird at the same time.

The guide showed the punition room, it’s a tiny dark room where the prisoners had to be for 3-8weeks but with no light, they were ending blind. There is also a church in the prison. The atmosphere became weird when the guide made us doing the walk of a life-sentenced prisoner on the verge of being executed. We came in the execution room, we saw the rope and the trap that killed the criminals. I was feeling weird emotions by standing in this little dark room where thousands (or hundreds) peoples died. The atmosphere was gloomy. We learned that these executions just stopped 25years ago…

Petite pause glace pour se remettre de nos émotions