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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Erasmus+ Braga: final day

Friday 22 April

We first went to class with our Portuguese host, I personally went to a Math class. Then we had a lecture about Ocean Protection, by Captain Nuno Marinho, an expert of the Maritime Coast Guard. The lecture was about  » Steps to a sustainable sealife « . He came to present to us the different actions done in Portugal for a more sustainable sealife. The military are involved to make people respect the restrictions and measures, to enforce the no-fishing zones, and to make sure the protected species are respected. They also patrol the seas to control illegal immigration, to save migrants when they come, to cut down on drug trafficking, etc.

Photo 1

We then did a group photo in front of the school.

Picture 2

After that we all went to eat in the cantine. And finally we had a free afternoon, or in option we could go to Bom Jesus. Most of the people went to visit it. It is a sanctuary decaded to Jesus, on top of a hill looking over Braga. It was very impressive. You can walk up many steps to visit the Bom Jesus, or you can take a cable car that works with water power. 

Photo 3

Then in the evening we all met in a little village for the fair, it was fun! Saturday morning, we all said goodbye to our wonderful friends…