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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Erasmus+ Braga: jeudi 21/04

In the morning, we went in classes to present ourselves, the Island and our school. Thus, we did our presentation in three different English classes. The Portuguese students seemed interested and even asked some questions on our Island. 

After that, we visited the school’s museum, which gathered a lot of old scientific equipment, such as microscopes, telescopes, books, but also insects, stuffed animals and rocks. There’s a real stuffed crocodile at the entrance for example. There is also a real baby human exposed in a jar, conserved in a yellow liquid on a shelf. I think it is the creepiest part of the museum, with the dissected cat and the conjoined rats’ foetus.

Then we had a visit of the school’s garden, which is normally closed to students, except biology students in special occasions. There, we saw a lot of different tree species, like orange trees, scented lavender, false holly or white oak. We were surprised and amazed by the presence of deers in the garden. They were really shy and scared of us, but we managed to take some pictures of the « Bambis », like everybody called them.


Thursday afternoon
After our lunch in the canteen, we gathered in the auditorium to form two groups, one for a genially game and the other to paint some ceramic fishes made by the art students for us. We played the game and proposed some new ideas to continue it. After the game, it’s time for the fish to get its colors. Hemma has made nice fishes as well as Maya and Mathilde but the best one stays anyway Maxime’s fish.
(picture 1)

Then we visited the school old library. It looked like an ancient classroom with old desk.
(pictures 2 and 3)

We were surprise to discover that there were so many french books. We learnt that it was because in the past centuries France was more advanced in sciences so Portugal got inspired from its works.
Finally we all get back with our host for the end of the day.

by Mathilde