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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Finlande Oct 2022: premières impressions

When we arrived in Finland our hosts families were waiting for us and they looked so happy!

Then they drove us to their home and showed us our bedroom. They were very kind and wanted to talk with us. We knew this before but the fact that most of them have a sauna in their house was still very surprising.

On our first day of school our correspondents showed us the school and our classes. We were very well welcomed by the teachers and they even tried to speak in English for us. There is a good atmosphere in the school even though most of the students look at us strangely because we are foreigners. But we still managed to talk with some people.

For our first class in Finland, i was surprised to see how cool is their system compared to ours. They have the right to eat and drink whatever they want. also most of them are usually on their phone and the teacher doesn’t say anything. I saw many pupils being 10min late and they just get in class and sit, once again the teacher won’t say anything and you don’t need any permission to go in class. And this happen in every classes. They have different level for each subject like by example: easy English, medium and hard. So of course we really had enjoyed classes that far.

Since we have have been here for only a week we haven’t made much activities. After our first day at school we went to do some bowling altogether and we also went a lot to the city center to do some shopping. There are really not many people in the street compared to Reunion. We also did activities on our respective family by example Méline and Caroline went to the forest at night to grill sausages and marshmallow.

And Assya is able to train here, which is very nice.

The climate is very different from ours, well of course they have 4 seasons… Someday it’s very beautiful and sunny and other day can be the worst one. It is very cold, specially the morning when we wake up. (for the moment it goes from-4°C to 6°C). We haven’t see snow yet but we hope to see some.

What surprised us the most I think is that Finnish people always eat like 24/7. They eat a lot of different things of course but they are fond of potatoes and meat. And here people drink milk with literally everything. But the food is still very good!

Assya, Méline, Caroline, Cyril, Marius