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« Être Homme, c’est être responsable » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Finlande: vacances!

Pendant le mois de longue mobilité en Finlande, les élèves ont profité d’une semaine de vacances scolaires. Voici le témoignage d’Assya (in English, of course!)

During our exchange we had a week of holidays, but during this week we have done many things.

With Noora, my correspondent, and her mother we went to an island called Hailuoto by boat on the first day. It was very windy but still fun, we went to see the beach.

And we went shopping the day after. Then with her father we had a trip to Rovaniemi to see Santa Claus (he spoke French) it was really unexpected because there were quite a lot of snow for this period of the year, but I really wanted to see some so I was like a child playing in the snow. We then stayed at a hotel for the night, there we played in the snow and went in the sauna, it was a very nice experience and for dinner I tried reindeer.

The next day we decided to go to Sweden. Caroline and Meline had quite similar holidays, cause they also went to Rovaniemi and Sweden where they went to Ikea and candy world. They even saw reindeer at a reindeer owner’s house.

On Saturday with all the other exchange students and their correspondents we went to Noora’s cottage and we had so much fun. We went into the sauna and swam in cold water. For the rest of the night we played cards.

For the last day of holidays with my host mother and Noora still, we went hiking in Riistitunturi and grilled sausages, it was a good experience.

During that time the boys (Marius and Cyril) went to Helsinki together and there went into a fortress called Suomenlinna, they found it very beautiful. They also visited a zoo and the last day of their holidays together the boys went climbing before coming back to Oulu.

For the rest of the holidays Cyril went to Ruka with his correspondent where he did cross-country and downhill skiing, he really enjoyed it. For him the best part of those holidays was when we all gathered at Noora’s cottage.

I don’t think I have any favorite in all the activities that I did, because in each of them I was able to discover something new. Everything went very well, we didn’t have any problems.

We’ve really enjoyed those holidays!!