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Perth, au menu Footy et voile…

Impressions d’Alexandre Dijoux

Ce matin, nous avons eu un cours de sport avec un entraîneur qui s’appelle Scott. Il nous a présenté un sport australien qu’ils appellent football ou footy.

En gros, c’est un sport d’équipe qui ressemble à un mélange entre du rugby et du football américain. Il nous a d’abord enseigné les bases puis nous avons fait un match, c’était très amusant, malgré le fait que parfois on se rentrait dedans. C’était une belle expérience et je n’hésiterai pas à recommencer si l’occasion se présente.

The footy took us the two first hours of the day, and during the two other hours of the afternoon, Mme Casals, Mr Barthelet, Victoire and I, went sailing on the Swan river, which is the river that crosses Perth.

We were three per boat, Mme Casals and Mr Barthelet were with the teacher, while Victoire and I were with two other students. It was such a great time, even if there was not a lot of wind. We learnt how to handle the boat, we saw a lot of jellyfish and we had a peaceful time. During the afternoon, we followed our correspondents through different classes.

Petit focus sur les règles et l’intérêt du footy par Louis:

Today, between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM, we discovered the Australian football or  »footy ». Scott, one of the sport teachers at the school,  showed us and taught us the main rules of the sport. 

Footy is a team sport that is difficult and tiring for anyone who doesn’t play sport. 

The rules are simple enough: there are 2 teams on an oval ground and a goal can be scored by  kicking the ball between 2  poles. If you do kick the ball between the poles, you make 6 points and if the ball goes next to the poles you earn just 1 point. Also if you hit the ball with your hands, behind the poles, you make 1 point. One rule states: the ball needs to bounced on the ground after every10 steps if you want to continue running. To stop the game, a player can catch an aloft ball. There is also contact in footy, but for us we just had to touch the player who possessed the ball.

Firstly, we learned how to do a pass with our hands. We take the ball (it’s an oval ball like rugby) in one hand and with our other hand we make a fist and hit the ball in the direction of our partner.  Secondly, we learned how to do a pass with our feet: we held the ball in front of us and dropped the ball onto our foot to do a kick. Then, we learned how make the ball bounce on the ground. It’s a little difficult because you need to make the ball bounce and somehow make it return to your hands.

Finally, the sport teacher separated us into 2 teams and we played a game of footy. It was very fun but also difficult because we didn’t know all the rules.

Generally, all Reunion students had a great time. For me, this was a fun moment and also very interesting because I like discovering new sports.